All Saints Day

While most people look forward to Halloween (and Lutherans the world over will party like it’s 1517 – the 500th anniversary of the Reformation), Caroline is looking forward to the next day.

Shortly after landing in Toronto for a family visit, Caroline received her next appointment: she’ll be meeting with the surgeon, Dr. Liu.

We assume the consultation is to schedule a date (or window of dates) for surgery. Caroline is also looking forward to the “this is what to expect” talk

We’re still way ahead of schedule, and the visit home to Toronto went a long way to ease nervous family members (all of whom suffer from varying degrees of the same kind of sensorineural hearing loss).

In fact, in episode one of the podcast we joked about family conversations. I wish I would have recorded the chat because it went like this:


ANDREW: excuse me?

CARMEN: (cranks up aid) Say again?

You get used to it. In fact, a tangible upside is that everyone is desperate to make sure they’re getting the right message. It looks hackneyed and sounds rude, but it’s courteous and earnest.

November 1st is another exciting day on the calendar. When know Christmas is December 25th. We’re anxious to find out when cochlear Christmas is.

Meanwhile, episode two of My Beautiful Cyborg will be recorded partly on the flight home and partly in studio. We’ll have a very special guest talk about what it’s like to raise children when you can’t hear them.