A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Doctor

We’re pretty healthy people. We eat well, we exercise, we get enough sleep (most of the time). Health is something you don’t miss until it’s gone, and we’ve been fortunate to rarely miss it.

Because we’re pretty fit and fine, our usual medical routine is a brief annual regimin of dental visits and an annual medical.

Today we’re doing the annual medical. Okay, so there’s nothing much funny about that, but wait! There is!

Y’see, we’re doing the annual medicals a few months early. Normally we do them early in the new year closer to our birthdays. This year we’re early because the cochlear implant candidacy process has gone so quickly that, weirdly, we have yet to tell our family doctor that Caroline is going to be a cyborg in four weeks (she comes home from hospital four weeks from today. That’s a problem because we need the doctor’s ok to go ahead with implant surgery.

So here we are, in a process that has moved so fast that  we had to schedule appointments so we can a) let the doctor know Caroline is going to be a cyborg, and b) get the okay on paper.

Tomorrow I’ll take the signed form to Dr. Liu’s office (the surgeon) and then the clock will officially start counting down to December 12.

After about 6 months into a process that often takes twice as long. One month from today Caroline will come home from hospital. She can’t wait.