Confirmation of Confirmation

An overlay shows the approximate size and location of the implant. The implant pictured is what Caroline will receive: a Cochlear CI532

The medical system is weird.

That’s not a statement that meets a lot of resistance or needs a lot of qualification. Today we got a call from the Royal Alexandra Hospital, where Caroline will have her surgery. If you’re watching the countdown clock, you know that she comes home from hospital three weeks from today.

The Royal Alex called – I’m not kidding – to confirm Caroline’s confirmation for surgery. Frankly, they can do whatever they want. If you’re installing a titanium and silicon passive electronic device into your head, you want to make sure everything is absolutely what and where it’s supposed to be. Especially when someone is going to take a dremel to your skull (yeah, that’s kind of what happens – but it’s a very small Dremel and microscope system, so it’s all under control).

These days when the phone rings during the day, I check to see if it’s a client, or a medical appointment or office.

Here’s what we know: on December 11 after 4:00pm, the day before her surgery, the hospital will call to let us know what time and where to be on the 12th.

Caroline has had her general physical, and our family doctor, Dr. Maneshgar, cleared Caroline for surgery. Caroline did her homework and filled out all the pre-surgical questionnaires. We’ve delivered all of that to Dr. Liu, the surgeon’s office. We think – we THINK – we’re just going to have a quiet three week wait with no appointments before surgery. We think.

Things move fast when you’re becoming a cyborg.