‘Tik’ Christmas Bells

At the end of episode four, Caroline did a little demonstration on what it’s like to hear what she hears. She brought a little crystal Christmas bell into the studio. Caroline is a first-generation Canadian, with German-Canadian parents who immigrated in the 1950’s.

Ring (or ‘tik’) Christmas Bells…

German Christmas is the same everywhere. On Christmas Eve the family tidies the house and has a simple dinner. Then, after Christmas Eve vigil service at church, everyone goes home. The parents are sent to a sequestrate (usually the family room or bedrooms) while the parents decorate the living room. You read right, German families don’t really decorate the house until Christmas Eve (some don’t put the tree up until then either).

Caroline rang the bell with her hand damping it, so it just made ticking noises. And then she opened it up and it rang sweetly. To My Beautiful Cyborg, a crystal Christmas bell goes “tik tik tik tik” not “ding ding ding ding.” To Caroline, a room full of bells is just as likely to sound like a room full of noisy clocks.

This Christmas is going to be quiet, with a new implant and no hearing in the right side until activation day. Caroline can’t wait to hear what Christmas sounds like next year.