Vanity Shmanity

One thing we didn’t talk a lot about on the podcasts leading up to surgery was my post-surgical “look.” I knew they were going to shave my head. I also knew they weren’t trained as stylists and hair care specialists. My job was to show up on time, lay down on a bed, and wake up a few hours later. I just wanted good placement of the electrode and implant for the best possible outcome. I thought about my hair, but it grows back so I wasn’t going to worry about it too much. Until I did.

When they remove the surgical dressing you’re confronted with a sticky, bloody mess of matted hair. Well, *I’M* not confronted with it, everyone else is. I was blissfully unaware of the post-apocalyptic Mad Max coif I was sporting. And really, other than Andreas, no one had to see it.

Minutes after surgery, and one week later (the nurse managed to pull off a respectable undercut!)

Four days after surgery I had the courage to “wash” my hair. By wash I meant “wet” and when I say, “I,” I actually mean “Andreas.” So Andreas gently cradled by head in the tub. I did my best to relax as he carefully poured warm water to wash away the blood and glue and mysterious surgical goop.  A few days later we added shampoo to the mix. Today I actually had a full-on by-myself shower and shampoo. Result!

Today marks a week week since coming home. I’m feeling a lot better and I’ll be right as rain by Christmas. And yes, I’ve already booked a hair appointment with Stephanie on Friday because while I look good, I can do better. My post-surgery hair isn’t an issue. What is an issue is that I NEED a haricut because I skipped it before surgery. Life is already returning to very normal (until activation day).

To be honest, I don’t mind if I wasn’t feel 100% by Christmas. The post-surgical hangover is a reminder of my best Christmas present this year.