A Big Hairy Deal

I may have mentioned that I have a lot of hair. I have a lot of hair and it’s thick and heavy. My friend and stylist, Stephanie, knows my hair. They go for coffee. I’m sure they’re already planning a surprise birthday party. They play well together. That’s why I trust Stephanie with my hair.

Today was hair day. Originally I wanted to have a fun haircut so that the surgical team would see a heart, or a nicely pre-shaved field to work on that was going to work as a style afterwards. Unfortunately, I canceled my hair appointment because I thought I was catching a cold. Then Stephanie actually caught a cold and canceled the follow-up appointment for the day before surgery. It turns out that was for the better.

When Stephanie saw my quickly growing-in shaved spot, she was relieved. She said NOW she had an idea of what she could do. It turns out she was nervous beforehand. All’s well that ends well.


The hair is more tousled looking than it really is. I do have a big wave of hair though. I think I probably could have gone shorter on the right. It’s sort of an asymmetrical funky do, which suits me fine. I’m a funky asymmetrical kinda gal with a hearing aid on one ear and a fresh cochlear implant scar proving my cyborg bonafides.

Andreas shot a time-lapse video which he’ll post shortly. The most interesting thing about the video is how little talking there is. Sure everything is whizzing by in high-speed comic fashion, but there’s not a lot of chatter. Not that there can be. I haven’t had a regular gossipy girl’s conversation at the salon for more than a decade. If Stephanie can cut around my processor (when I get it) then maybe I’ll hear the latest and greatest news no one needs to know. Again.

In the meantime, I like it. It’s fun and breezy and it’s going to grow in in a month anyway. It’s good that I’ll need a cut before I’m “activated.” First, I get to see Stephanie again. And second, I might go even shorter for the first while. Just to show off that I can hear again.

As exciting as that is to write, I still have a month to go and I do remind myself often that this is the first step in a very long road. Remember what the first audiologist said, “100% of cochlear implant recipients hate the way they sound when they’re first activated.” The corollary to that is, “Ask them a year later and they love it and say they couldn’t live without it.”

New hearing organ installed: check.
New funky new cyborg hairdo with a smidge of attitude: check
Attitude check: check.