Lost in Translation” is a great film. It exposes all the human foibles that separate us, but also bring us together. We love “Lost in Translation” because the frustrations of American characters trapped in Tokyo and adapting to all the strange social norms they have no hope of understanding or having explained – is a lot like being hard of hearing or deaf. “What?” “Pardon?” “Que?” “Wie Bitte?”

There’s a scene where Bill Murray’s late-career movie star is frustrated working with a Japanese director. The director chatters on for a long time…ten, fifteen seconds. He’s animated. He paces. He punches the air. He caresses the glass of whiskey Bill Murray is selling and intones, “It’s Suntory Time.”

Bill Murray turns to his interpreter who has busily been making notes. She looks at her notepad and says, “With intensity.”

Activation day is Monday, and inside, we’re both very “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”  Outside, we’re trying to keep it together.

ME: “It’s pretty intense? eh?”
HUSBAND: “Yeah. Intense.”
ME: (bottom lip quivering)
HUSBAND: (bottom lip quivering)

Years ago we visited dear friends in England. They took us to Battle, the village in East Sussex where “the Battle of Hastings” was fought in 1066. it’s an understated place, but the history is well known. The Battle of Hastings solved the succession problem, and set England and France on a course that is traced to present day. In spite of the cliché, one day, one battle, changed history.

I’ve been fighting hearing loss all my life. Every time I’d have another step down of loss; every time I had move up to more and more powerful aids; getting to the point of relying on reading lips; every time I’d mourn knowing I’d lost yet more and more expense, and no more telephone. It’s a litany of lasts. Last time I laughed at a joke on cue. Last time I went to a movie. Last time I heard music I could recognize. Last time I spoke with my love on the phone. Last time I dealt with the bank, doctor, dentist, government…any agency or company.

Monday is a unique day for me. I’m hoping activation day is going to be a first of firsts. What can I say, it’s intense.

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  1. Yvette

    You’re but a few hours away from new firsts my friend. I’m so excited for you and am praying for all to go excellently. Can’t believe your time has come. I’m thinking of the songbirds you’ll get to hear now. Guess, I can’t call you butterfly anymore. 😉 Many many hugs!

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