The Story of Mo

Cochlear Kanso: "Mo"
Meet Mo

Short story: I left my Cochlear Kanso on the living room table so it wouldn’t be exposed to humidity while I took a bath. When I was finished, I asked Andreas if he could bring my Kanso (I was cozy warm in the bathroom).

Andreas brought my Kanso and said with a big goofy smile, “Here’s Mo.”

The Kanso hugged the receiver site and lit up just in time for me to hear Andreas say, “Meet Mo. Mo sound. Mo hearing. Mo speech.” You heard it here first. Meet Mo. I love that guy. He talks to me all day long and I can hear every word. Mo is a fantastic listener. Every couple days he gets a bit low energy but he perks right back with a little jolt.

His name is Mo and he’s as cute as a button. Seriously. Look at him. Exactly like a button.