ZZZZzzzzz Part the Second

This is part two of my ZZZZzzzz entry. I simply cannot get over how tired I am.

Before activation I trolled message boards for advice like everyone else. I asked everyone I know with a Cochlear Implant (CI) what to expect. “You’ll be tired.” Yeah yeah, what else. “That’s it.”

They weren’t wrong. Seriously. After basically taking a thirty-year nap, my speech centres are awake, keeping the rest of my brain awake, and they just never want to sleep. Okay, everyone gets it: hearing take effort and if you’re out of practice, it’s exhausting. Yeah, fine. Good good. I get it.

What I didn’t get was just how comprehensive all the changes would be. I mean, it’s once thing to just casually go to the store, buy something, check out, and NOT have it take ten minutes of awkward misunderstood conversion to figure out she said, “Do you have a nickel?” I do that all the time now, but it’s a still a thrill every time. It’s more than that though.

You’ll notice that we haven’t recorded a podcast in a while. Well, there are good reasons for that. My Beautiful Cyborg was originally, “This is what hope sounds like: a journey back to hearing.” Well, I covered what was supposed to be a few grueling months followed by a lot of effort for a couple of years to hear normally. Months and years is the usual measurement. I was done in four days.

Yes, I’m not kidding.Four days after activation I was done rehabbing in any kind of formal way. Which is to say, I didn’t do any rehab in the normal sense. So, that kind of cuts short the idea of following progress slowly over the course of months and years.

Instead, we’ve finally come to the decision to keep going with a new post-hope version of My Beautiful Cyborg. We’re calling it “My Beautiful Cyborg: A Love Story About Hearing.” Because, I love my hearing, I love to hear, and I want everyone to appreciate how special it is. Because you don’t ever ever ever ever want to be in a position where you have to say, “You were right,” because you’ve lost some hearing.

This “new season” of My Beautiful Cyborg is going to focus on OUR hearing, yours and mine. We’re going to explore sound and hearing, and we’re going to have some fun with sound too.

We’re going to be back online in a couple of weeks. Because we’re post-hope. I CAN hear. I still can’t write that without tears. But to that Andreas always says, “Rain sounds beautiful. Let it rain.”