The Courage Award

So, there we were, just going about our business telling everyone how amazing hearing is, and we got a call from the Glenrose Hospital.

I haven’t really talked much about the Glenrose, but it’s the only rehabilitation hospital in Alberta. It looks and sort of feels like a hospital, but it doesn’t have the urgency of a hospital. Andreas says “It’s where patience and gratitude is born.”

The Glenrose Audiology department includes the Cochlear Implant Services department, and their team of audiologists, technicians, and speech pathologists. They do the work of restoring hearing – which is to say the connection between people.

Each year the treatment teams at the Glenrose nominate patients who have inspired the staff. It’s hard to believe that’s even a thing because the staff inspire the patients, but however all that works – long story short – Andreas and I have been awarded a “Courage Award.”

Edmonton couple spreading message about importance of protecting your hearing

Global News Edmonton’s Health Reporter Su-Ling Goh interviewed us as part of the official announcement of the award. We’re grateful. We’re honoured. There’s a ceremony on November 1.

In the meantime, it’s the thanksgiving weekend. We started out this time last year. It’s time for a reboot.

We’ll be talking to you again very soon.