We’re back. Today we’re recording our first podcast in months. It’s time.

True confessions: I broke the podcast. When we started My Beautiful Cyborg, we thought it would be a great way to keep friends and family in touch with my process with a cochlear implant. Instead, it became a great way to tell EVERYONE about the CI experience. What ended up happening was we were overwhelmed by my speedy progress, but especially with all the changes in our life. More on that in the podcast.

Last week we were awarded the Glenrose Hospital’s “Courage Award.” We’re humbled. We’re honoured. We have a lot of guilt. We’ve been remiss in staying in touch. It’s time to get back to it.

Today we’re recording the first episode of what we’re kind of calling a “new season.” You see, the podcast was supposed to be just about the experience and my progress. But my explosive progress resulted in what was effectively the spontaneous ability to hear. We didn’t have a way to think about that. Andreas struggled with hundreds of adaptations that were suddenly unnecessary. 

We’ve had incredible support from friends, family, and you. It’s been a genuinely overwhelming time. 

In the end, we needed a break to recalibrate life. We have more work to do, but now we’re facing the right direction. Turning around a lifetime of loss and erosion takes more energy and time than we expected.

Then again, deafness only affects you when you hear, so little wonder everything is different.

More than anything, we appeared on 630 CHED radio the morning of the Courage Awards, last Thursday. It reminded me of two things: 1) It’s amazing that I’m married to a professional producer who breathes audio and sound like everyone breathes air, and 2) I missed sharing my experiences with you.

So, today is our first day back in studio. Talk to you soon!