All Episodes Online! (sorry)

Finally. After weeks of wondering where the first seven episode of “My Beautiful Cyborg” went, we have an answer: we produced more podcasts than the default settings of the plugin that send the audio to podcast listeners.

In short: someone assumes we won’t produce more than 10 podcasts. And if we do, we have to take action. There’s probably a good reason for that. Thousands of new podcasts start up every month, and every month almost exactly the same number shut down. So, it makes sense in that light. In the light of a determined deaf woman who won’t tolerate silence, not so much.

The worst part is that the episodes went missing just when public attention and media were looking in our direction. Oopsie. Sorry about that.

Anyway, all is well and you can listen to all the episodes of My Beautiful Cyborg again.

Two episodes that are especially worth listening to are episodes 5 and 7.

Number five is a conversation I had with Melanie, the audiologist and now good friend who referred me for a Cochlear Implant. She was the second youngest Albertan to receive a CI in the early 90s. The technology was only two years older than she was (she was 2).

Number seven is surgery day. It’s mostly just the audio of us talking in the car on the way to the hospital for surgery. It’s the last recording of me as fully human. The episode ends with Dr. Richard Lieu, my surgeon, describing the surgery. I heard Dr. Liu’s voice for the first time when I listened to his episode. It kinda puts everything in sharp perspective.

The entire My Beautiful Cyborg canon is online and ready for your ears!