Cochlear Celebration

We needed a new blog post, and something better looking than the last apology post. You see, we’re going to Nashville to take part in Cochlear Celebration in February.

So, this is kind of meta, but here we are: a post that’s a post, and also window dressing for a screen capture for the presentation in Nashville. Here…look! There’s even an event graphic!

Cochlear Celebration | Nashville, TN | February 14-17, 2019

That’s the one.

We’re taking in part in two large group presentations. The first is called “When Hearing Loss Hits Home.” Our presentation is a lot about how we talked, and still talk, about hearing loss. We talk about it so much we created a podcast to let others hear what they weren’t hearing from anyone else. The second group session we’re part of is about “Making a Difference;” how being visible has made a difference for other people living with hearing loss. We have a habit of doing things differently, so expect surprises. (ooh can you handle the mystery?)

Nashville. February 14 – 17. See you there!