Year One in a TV News Nutshell

Today marked a year of hearing. What a year. As Andreas and I talked about it today, it’s a tossup: either it went by in a blink of an eye, or it’s been the longest year ever. It’s both.

It’s both because it went by in a flash, but every moment was so loaded with novelty, or emotion, or discovery, or recovery of sound that they’re imprinted on our memory.

CTV News Edmonton reporter Dan Grummett came by last week to hear our story and share my celebration for a year of hearing. Best. Year. Ever.

Dan found a way to condense a 30 year story into a couple of minutes. And he really hits all the right notes (which I can hear – just sayin’).

Thanks to CTV New Edmonton for sharing good hearing news. #loveyourhearing #deafnotdeaf