CHHA Webinar: A Love Story About Hearing

Every day I find opportunities to talk with people about hearing and sound. It might seem obsessive. I like to think of it as “attentive.”

For example, I wanted to get Andreas a little something extravagant for his birthday. Long story short: 3D printing lead to airbrushing, and I was picking up a very nice new Iawata Eclipse whatsit. Andreas got all geeky about it, so it’s a win. Happy Birthday Schatz!

While at Maple Airbrush Supplies, I asked about how loud the airbrush compressors are in case we ever came in for a class. The owner took us out back and fired up the gear. It wasn’t bad at all! So, naturally I started talking about why I was interested in the volume and I gave her a cochlea and as we left she thanked us for sharing our story. People can be so kind.

The reason I wanted my hearing is to be connected to the people I love, and I love my new hearing. In every way, it’s is a love story about hearing. We’re telling the story of healing through the lens of our relationship.

Now we’ve been given the opportunity to speak with a larger audience online. The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association is hosting a webinar called “A Love Story About Hearing,” featuring Andreas and me. The Q&A portion promises to be interesting. So far all our interviews have been with hearing people. We’ve attended a few small events with CI recipients, but the CHHA audience covers a wide spectrum of hearing health. We’re really looking forward to it.

You can register online: