Andreas’ Side of the Story

After a whirlwind week in Nashville with #cochlearfamily, we’re back in Edmonton. It was 12C and raining when we left Nashville. Hours later we touched down to -27C with a windchill of -35C and an extreme cold weather warning. We both smiled and said, “Home, home” when we stepped outside.

Cliche alert! In spite of the contrast in weather, we were warmed by the memories of Nashville and Cochlear Celebration. Yes, that cliche. But it’s true. We had a fantastic week sharing our story. And it is OUR story. We are hearing impaired, and WE have a cochlear implant.

One of my favourite parts of our story is Andreas’ side. Rather than re-hashing what’s already been written, you can read Andreas’ blog for Cochlear here. He can be loquacious in conversation, but on paper he cuts to the chase.

Have some tissues handy. You’ve been warned. 😉