Wear Your Hearing!

Every day I wear the same necklace. It’s a reminder of the most important day of my life: my last deaf day.

My cochlea don’t work very well…at all. Given the gift of a cochlear implant, I can hear. To celebrate, Andreas found a 3D model of a cochlea. He cleaned it up and converted it to a printable file. Andreas can only print in plastic of various kinds. He found a company that prints in metal, and he had two cochlea pendants made for me. Both are printed in non-conductive brass, and then plated in 14k rose gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, or rhodium.

My Beautiful Cyborg Store

My Rhodium cochlea is my everyday cochlea. It’s so reflective it’s virtually mirror-like. It has the natural reflection silver dreams of. My 18k gold plated cochlea is my fancy occasion one. I wore it to the Courage Gala.

We’ve had so many people ask about – or where they can get – a cochlea necklace, that we put up an online store!

My Beautiful Cyborg Store

We kept things affordable because the goal is to make them accessible. The silver ones are pricier because they’re solid silver.

They’re all actual size: 26mm x 16mm x 12mm – you just the a chain through the vestibular system – the semicircular canals.

Weirdly, *I* want to go back and shop for more. Erg.