Thanks Bruce!

Andreas started his career in radio, first as a casual co-host, and eventually became a news reporter. He’s my little Les Nessman. All the attention we received a couple of weeks ago with the Glenrose Foundation Courage Awards put us on the radio radar. After an appearance on the Ryan Jespersen show talking about the […]


We’re back. Today we’re recording our first podcast in months. It’s time. True confessions: I broke the podcast. When we started My Beautiful Cyborg, we thought it would be a great way to keep friends and family in touch with my process with a cochlear implant. Instead, it became a great way to tell EVERYONE […]

The Courage Award

So, there we were, just going about our business telling everyone how amazing hearing is, and we got a call from the Glenrose Hospital. I haven’t really talked much about the Glenrose, but it’s the only rehabilitation hospital in Alberta. It looks and sort of feels like a hospital, but it doesn’t have the urgency […]