The Big Game

A friend of ours was and and generous enough to treat us to an Edmonton Oilers hockey game. Andreas worked at the Oilers for over a decade, and going to games became a routine. There was nothing routine about last night’s game (a 7-5 loss to the Florida Panthers for anyone keeping track at home). […]

The Story of Mo

Short story: I left my Cochlear Kanso on the living room table so it wouldn’t be exposed to humidity while I took a bath. When I was finished, I asked Andreas if he could bring my Kanso (I was cozy warm in the bathroom). Andreas brought my Kanso and said with a big goofy smile, […]

CBC Radio Active – Part 2

Hi, Andreas. Again. CBC’s Radio Active co-host Rod Kurtz interviewed Caroline about her implant experience. Full disclosure, we’ve known Rod for a long time. He knew Caroline was hearing impaired, but didn’t know she is profoundly impaired (it’s fun to say she hears best out of her deaf side – with the implant). Caroline wanted […]