I am so tired. I’ve never been this tired. Yes, we’re alive. I’m sorry not to have written more, but as much as we thought things felt intense and busy before, yeah, that was the training period for intensity. It’s like this: I can hear really well. Most days I only burst into tears a […]

The Big Game

A friend of ours was generous enough to treat us to an Edmonton Oilers hockey game. Andreas worked at the Oilers for over a decade, and going to games became routine. There was nothing routine about last night’s game (a 7-5 loss to the Florida Panthers for anyone keeping track at home). It hasn’t been […]

The Story of Mo

Short story: I left my Cochlear Kanso on the living room table so it wouldn’t be exposed to humidity while I took a bath. When I was finished, I asked Andreas if he could bring my Kanso (I was cozy warm in the bathroom). Andreas brought my Kanso and said with a big goofy smile, […]