One Colourful Evening…

In November 2018, Caroline and Andreas received a Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation “Courage Award,” recognizing extraordinary efforts in approaching Caroline’s hearing and loss, but also for their advocacy, awareness, and mentoring. The Courage Gala on April 12 was a memorable evening. The gala theme was “The Colours of Courage.” There was food. There was drink. […]

Celebration Time

It’s Celebration time. It’s about time. In mid-February Caroline and Andreas traveled to Nashville to speak and take in Cochlear Celebration. It was all go go go and rush rush rush once they got back. One more big event with a talk, and another coming up at the end of May, the pair have had […]

S2 E5: The Activation Episode

There are few times in life when the line between yesterday and today changes everything. January 28, 2018 was Caroline’s last deaf day. The Activation Episode is about January 29, 2018. Caroline and Andreas listen to Caroline’s activation audio. Activation was billboarded on multiple previous podcasts, but life took a turn as we learned to […]