Celebration Time

It’s Celebration time. It’s about time. In mid-February Caroline and Andreas traveled to Nashville to speak and take in Cochlear Celebration. It was all go go go and rush rush rush once they got back. One more big event with a talk, and another coming up at the end of May, the pair have had their hands full. Plus the mentoring, plus the day to day re-ordering of your life once it’s been blown to unrecognizable but much better smithereens.

Cochlear is Caroline’s implant manufacturer. Every two years it invites all its implantees to gather (in the USA – in 2019 it was in Nashville, TN). There are lectures, information sessions, training, new product demos, free hardware service and cleaning, and just the real joy of being with people who know you’re just like everyone else, but a little more like each other.

When you gather together over 1000 cochlear implantees of all ages, and loved ones, there are going to be stories, memories, and awkward moments. The Celebration Time episode has it all — catch up!

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ps: yes, we’re dropping the whole numbered episode thing…you’re welcome.

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