S1 E4 – What if “Hearing-Caroline” is awful?!

After months of appointments, tests, reading, more reaching, discussion, counseling, and a final bit of consultation, Caroline is less than two weeks from her implant surgery. There’s no need to qualify that with “life changing,” Caroline’s mind is filled with pre and post surgery thoughts. Everything is unfamiliar. She’s already started to think about all the positive changes coming, and it’s freaking her out. A bit. “Overwhelmed” is how Caroline describes what she’s feeling – an overwhelming sense of gratitude, adventure, and uncertainty. “What if hearing Caroline is awful? What if I turn into a bitch?” In today’s episode, Caroline mines her thoughts, and then she shares a Q&A with a group of friends during her annual Christmas party. “Is it going to be unsettling?” Caroline provides answers and insights to the group, about what it’s like to lose your hearing and the implant process. In turn her friends provide lots of love and support with stories and insights of their own. It’s a pre-surgery love-in with friends from all parts of life. Even the form of the conversation takes Caroline’s hearing into account – it’s one speaker at a time. That’s the kind of conversation that puts a smile on My Beautiful Cyborg.

Next Episode: Monday, December 4, 2017


Caroline’s Cochlear Implant Manufacturer – COCHLEAR USA


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