E5 – The Ironic Episode

So there we were, recording an episode on the reliability of technology, especially when it’s installed in your body, and the studio computer died. Well, it didn’t die exactly, but it was unusable with a problem that was equally spontaneous, mysterious, and frustrating. Episode 5 is the laptop episode. The good news is Caroline spoke with Melanie Monaghan, the audiologist who referred Caroline to be evaluated for an implant.

Caroline forgets she’s conducting an interview, and it becomes just your average every day discussion about having a electronics installed in your body so you can hear normally. But Melanie’s story is also complicated, because she suffered a childhood accident and other medical issues that required her to have multiple surgeries. All’s well that ends well – she has her master’s degree in audiology.

My Beautiful Cyborg talks to another beautiful cyborg, just days before her surgery.

Last Modified on January 14, 2019
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