E6 – ‘Twas the Night Before Surgery…

With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore…

‘Twas the night before surgery, and all through the house,
the crying and fretting was stressing the spouse.

There aren’t a lot of days you can put your finger on a calendar and say, “Yep, that’s the day my life utterly and forever changed for the better.” That’s the hope Caroline is facing. And then there’s the fear of the unknown, and anxiety. A cochlear implant IS technically neurosurgery after all. What could go wrong? Sickness? Yeah, Caroline had a near brush with that just days before surgery. Then Caroline misses a date WITH a brush – but if there was ever a good reason to miss a haircut, this was it. Then we focus on the the internal life of our proto-cyborg: Caroline (and Andreas) talk about the emotional roller coaster in the days leading to surgery. Meet Jim. Jim is a good man. A patient man. Caroline sits down with her coffee pal as he recounts what it takes to get to know a hard of hearing or deaf person. Finally. Tomorrow is the day. Deep breath. Caroline is ready to become My Beautiful Cyborg.


A MESSAGE FROM CAROLINE: “To my family and friends and new online friends and followers: Thank you for you support and encouragement! I’ve had some amazing opportunities and adventures in my life. Nothing compares to this. Nothing. Not even close. Tomorrow is the first of a few milestones. I have to be (a) patient through recovery. Then it’s going to be time to get down to the work of re-learning to hear. I’m so ready for this, thanks to you. And thank you to the people of Alberta for the gift of a cochlear implant. And thank God for all of you.”

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