E1 – Meet My Beautiful Cyborg

Caroline is hard of hearing. To be more accurate, without hearing aids, Caroline is deaf. After a lifetime of degenerative hearing loss, hearing aids won’t do the trick anymore. So, Caroline is going to become a cyborg. She’s on the path to receive a cochlear implant. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Caroline is going to become a cyborg. She’s getting a cochlear implant will replace the parts of hr hearing that doesn’t work. Caroline can’t wait. In Episode 1 of My Beautiful Cyborg, you’ll meet Caroline and learn a little bit about her hearing loss, and what stage she’s at in the cochlear implant process. They’re putting what in my head? I have to go shopping? I’ll be DEAF DEAF?! FOR HOW LONG?!  Caroline has questions, and we find the answers. Meet Caroline, My Beautiful Cyborg.

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