E3 – A Fly On The Wall

This year is a special year. This year, Christmas and cochlear implant season go hand in hand. That means schedules are chaotic and time is limited. Rather than a normal studio sit-down with Caroline about her progress to implant surgery on December 12, we just wired her up and sent her on her way. This episode you’ll be a fly on the wall, listening with Caroline as she talks with friends and strangers about hearing loss, and being a cochlear implant candidate. Everyone has a story. Listen in on a chat during a stroll to get flu shots (because if you’re getting an implant, you definitely want to avoid the flu), and eavesdrop on two conversations with Caroline’s friends. You’ll find out the last time Caroline talked on the phone (hint: it’s measured in years), and the most important advice for all cochlear implant candidates. My Beautiful Cyborg: This is what conversations about hearing sound like.


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