One Colourful Evening…

In November 2018, Caroline and Andreas received a Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation “Courage Award,” recognizing extraordinary efforts in approaching Caroline’s hearing and loss, but also for their advocacy, awareness, and mentoring.

The Courage Gala on April 12 was a memorable evening. The gala theme was “The Colours of Courage.” There was food. There was drink. There was music. They got up in front of a thousand people and talked about hearing.

Most epsiodes of My Beautiful Cyborg are explicitly about hearing. This episode is the evidence of hearing. With her ability to hear with her Cochlear implant, Caroline can be with friends and enjoy an evening out in a noisy public setting, and gets a chance to recount a night out – and NOT be corrected on the conversations she had, or what happened.

This is what it sounds like to be amazed how hearing lets you enjoy other things.

#deafnotdeaf #shecanhear #loveyourhearing

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