Season 2, Episode 3: The Mirror Episode

After a hectic Christmas holidays with family and friends, Caroline and Andreas settle back into whatever routine they can manage. In the spirit of Auld Lang Syne, they reflect on seemingly routine little things that stop them in their tracks. Conversations with normal flow, a stranger asking directions, a fart. They’re major — yes you read that right, a far…if you want to find out why a fart was a major sign of success, you’ll just have to listen. Where was I…oh yes, a major fart. No, no, no. Blah blah blah, conversations with a normal flow, directions…a fart…all are major milestones. And yes, seriously, a fart was the sign of something important. We probably should have called it “the Fart Episode,” but I mean, there’s a line. Caroline’s “Hearing Tip of the Week” is cheap, easy, and polite (and polite is sexy). It’s not always pretty, but this episode, join My Beautiful Cyborg on what it’s like to regain hearing. Sometimes it’s a gas, which can be an epiphany. On epiphany.

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