Season 2 Episode 4: WE HAVE NEW BOOMS!*

Caroline turns the tables and sits on the other side of the table as she asks Andreas about his hearing. Which is, in a word, unusual.

It’s another twist in a love story about hearing. Ironically, Andreas reveals that being able to hear everything isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. But in the end, even if you live on opposite ends of the hearing spectrum, together is better.

Caroline & Andreas will be speaking at Cochlear Celebration in Nashville, TN –

For the first Better Hearing Month (in May) Caroline’s audiologist tested Andreas’s hearing. And yes, getting to a hearing tests is hard to do.

<lecture>Put on your big girl/boy pants – get your hearing tested by a certified audiologist every five years. It’s better than never, and it beats the average amount of time it takes for people to get checked because they think they’re losing their hearing (8 to 10 years). </end lecture>

*Long story short, it was the first time Caroline ever suggested a podcast title, even as a joke. Which this was. This gets explained early on, otherwise the title would be a distraction.

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