Season 2, Episode 2: Surgery Day +365

On December 12, 2018 Caroline and Andreas tried to have a normal morning. You know, do all the normal things like pack up a day bag, take a change of clothes, and hold your husband’s hand uncomfortably tightly as you find your way to the hospital admissions desk. There’s nothing much normal about implant surgery day.  To celebrate implant surgery day, Caroline listens to something she’s never heard before: audio from the pre-operative meeting with surgeon, Dr. Richard Liu. Before implant surgery, you have the opportunity to meet with the surgeon and ask questions. Caroline struggled to hear in the doctor’s office with noisy ventilation (which is everywhere). For the first time since the consultation, she hears Dr. Liu and Andreas talk about the doctor’s experience, the procedure, risks, and expected outcome from the cochlear implant surgery. Caroline has revelations – and questions – because, even though she was in the meeting, she didn’t hear it. That’s hearing loss. Join Caroline and Andreas as they celebrate one year of Caroline officially becoming My Beautiful Cyborg. And FTR, there are 9 years left on the implant warranty. 

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