E9 – The Complete Post-Surgery Guide on How to Stifle a Sneeze

This episode is a long-delayed follow-up to the recovery episode, but Caroline needed a little break (the Recovery episode really tuckered her out). But first, Caroline catches up on some firsts: first post-surgery hair (because they shaved off a big bald spot on the right side), what Caroline calls her beautiful scar (if you can find it), and the new Cyborg provides a complete guide on how to execute a successful, if not gracefully, post-surgery sneeze; because but when you’ve just had a cochlear implant, the sensation of blowing the darn thing out of your head is real. Caroline can barely tell the story – because she’s laughing.



Twitter: @mybionicear

My Beautiful Cyborg is an evolving podcast, following Caroline – a new cyborg, who has received a cochlear implant. MBC follows each stage from assessment, to candidacy, preparation, surgery, recovery, activation, and hearing rehabilitation.

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